Wednesday, June 21, 2006

10 best restaurants in Rome

Top 10 restaurants in Rome
Whether you want to test mamma's cooking in a neighbourhood that or live the high life at Rome's new designer restaurants Time Out has the answer. Check out ten of the finest here and over 36 pages of other great places to eat and drink in our guidebook.

Agata e Romeo
Intimate cordon bleu haven run by husband-and-wife team Agata and Romeo, who bring a light touch to trad fare.
Agata e Romeo, Via Craloalberto 45, Monti, Termini & San Giovanni (06 446 6114). Closed two weeks in Aug.

If you can eat or drink it and it's Sicilian, it's here - in a stunning '50s setting.
Dagnino, Galleria Esedra, Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 75, Trevi & Veneto (06 481 8660).

Dar Poeta
Generally hailed as the best pizzeria in Rome, this goes in for creative toppings: try the bodrilla (with apples and Grand Marnier). Be prepared to queue.
Dar Poeta, Vicolo del Bologna 45, Trastevere (06 588 0516).

This chic trattoria serves trad fare with a creative twist. In the evening, it's crammed with trendsters and gourmands.
Ditirambo, Piazza della Cancelleria 74, Ghetto & Campo de'Fiori (06 687 1626).

Attached to one of Rome's finest pasticcerie, it's as attractive for an aperitif as it is for breakfast. Its budino di riso (sweet rice tartlets) are the best in the city.
Faggiani, Via G Ferrari 23-29, Vatican, Prati & West (06 3973 9742). Closed two weeks in Aug.

Trad gelateria that always wins the vote. The house special is baci - a mix of chocolate and nut ice cream.
Giolotti, Via Uffici del Vicario 40, Tridente (06 699 1243).

This ever-popular designer diner offers pizzeria, restaurant and wine bar under one roof. Reasonable prices and a prime locationmean it's always buzzing.
Gusto, Piazza Augusto Imeratore 9, Tridente (06 322 6273).

Il Convivio
High-class temple of foodie excellence set in three elegant vaulted rooms.Not cheap, but worth every euro.
Il Convivio, Vicolo dei Soldati 31, Navona (06 686 9432/

Il Palazzo del Freddo di Giovanni Fassi
Famed for its breathtakingly kitsch '50s timewarp interior and mouthwatering gelati, Fassi is nothing less than a Roman institution.
Fassi, Via Principe Eugenio 65-67, Monti & Esquilino (06 446 4740).

The best place in town for Pizza Romana - and it's in Testaccio, the city's hottest night spot, so you can bar-hop afterwards.
Remo, Piazza Santa Matria Liberatrice 44, Testaccio (06 574 6270). Closed Aug.


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